the lightest and most powerful In-wheel Motors

With our motors, inverter and custom rim systems, we offer highest performance and quality on the market.

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Best performance

After years of research and development, the implementation of an unseen electric motor technology, our motors are accessible to you.

Highest Torque density

Our motors have higher torque density. The acceleration you dream of is now possible

Powerful and Efficient

Reach high speeds with a slight design


Lightest all-in-one system, with rim, motor and inverter.

Suitable for cars

Simplify your modular platform and integrate our wheel-hub all-in-one system

Suitable for motorcycles

Simplify the packaging and module assembly by integrating our wheel-hub all-in-one system

Fast system development

We are experts in integrating electric powertrains for vehicles.

We offer best-in-class performance and fast development.

Fastest integration
Team of experts
Get what you ask for

We stand for quality and speed of execution

Simple communication

Reach out to us and tell us about your requirements

Customization work

We will customize and optimise our system’s performances to your requirements. We value feedback to constantly improve our products and services.

Fully customizable
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