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Discover a range of tailored solutions at Wheemo. From in-wheel motor customization to performance optimization, our services redefine your vehicle's capabilities, ensuring a superior and personalized driving experience.

Wheemo efficient Solutions

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in-wheel motor customization
Wheemo efficient Solutions


in-wheel motor customization
in-wheel motor customization

Test planning
and testing

in-wheel motor customization

Design for

Rapid Prototype Delivery

Rapid Customization

We Develop Custom Axial Flux Motors in Record Time

Get Your Custom AFM prototype within 3 months instead of 10.

Our Compentences

Expertise in Motion

At Wheemo, our competences lie in the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology into our in-wheel motors. With a team of skilled professionals, we ensure unparalleled performance, reliability, and innovation.

Rapid Prototype Delivery

Elevate Your Edge with Pioneer the axial flux motor technology with our help Stay at the Ranks of Industry Pioneers the Finest Axial Flux Motors

Innovative Stimulation Tools

Our proprietary simulation technology leapfrogs the traditional design process, delivering optimized motors rapidly.

Mechanical Engineering Prowess

Our motors are built to endure your real-world demands

Manufacturing Agility

Our strong partnerships with leading manufacturers enables us to deliver your 3-month protoype and achieve production-readiness.

The Wheemo Advantage

Bringing together top-tier engineering, cutting-edge simulations, and agile manufacturing methods for motors that lead the EV revolution.

Why Choose Us

Why Axial Flux

Superior Power-to-Weight Ratio

Axial flux motors excel in EVs with their remarkable efficiency.

Compact & Space-Efficient

Perfect for EVs where size matters, fitting more power into less space.

High Torque Density

Delivers more torque per kilogram, enabling powerful acceleration and performance.

Cost-Effective Over Time

Enhanced efficiency leads to smaller, cheaper batteries and less energy use.

in-wheel motor customization
Know Your Needs

Know Your Segment/Market

Our Background

Company Heritage Overview

Rooted in innovation, our background reflects a legacy of pioneering solutions and continuous evolution in the industry.

in-wheel motor customization
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If you have any inquiries or require further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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At Wheemo, we're dedicated to revolutionizing mobility through state-of-the-art in-wheel motors, combining efficiency, power, and reliability for a groundbreaking driving experience.


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